Easy, convenient, and secure, our at-home lab tests allow you to test for celiac disease, food sensitivities, vitamin D deficiency, and more from the comfort of your home.
Featured Tests
Food Sensitivity+: Comprehensive
Food Sensitivity+: Comprehensive
With 208 foods, this is the most comprehensive food intolerance test that checks for almost everything in American diet .
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Inflammation & Vitamin D Test
Inflammation & Vitamin D Test
C-reactive protein is an excellent marker of inflammation from atherosclerosis—hard to assess otherwise.
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Thyroid Test
Thyroid Test
Measures TSH, T4, T3 and TPO antibodies with an easy, simple finger prick sample.
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Celiac Genetic Test
Celiac Genetic Test
Certain genes are necessary for gluten intolerance. A negative test almost certainly means no celiac disease even with family history.
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Women’s Health Test
Women’s Health Test
Test to measure five key hormones for women: Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, Cortisol, and Estradiol.
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Diurnal Cortisol Test
Diurnal Cortisol Test
Cortisol test measures your levels within 24 hours, to assess the natural 24 hour diurnal rhythm.
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Just order your desired home wellness test, receive it with FREE shipping, collect your sample at home, and mail it back to our world-class labs.
Save Time And Money
No more doctor appointments for prescription.
No more lab visits for blood draw.
Let us take care of all that while you work on things you love.
Order a test. Let our physicians write the prescription.
Receive a kit within 3-5 days; collect the sample at home and ship it for free.
Once the lab receives the sample, your results are ready within 5 business days.
Our physicians will review the results and send you an easy-to-understand report.
Why Us
World class CLIA-certified labs
No lab visits or doctor appointments
Minimally invasive samples – saliva or few drops of blood using finger prick
A doctor’s prescription and final review of the results included with each test
Fast, secure, and confidential reports
Free shipping with every kit
No Hidden Fees
A board-certified physician will review the results of your at-home lab test, performed at our CLIA-certified labs and we will send you a detailed and easy-to-understand report in just a few days.
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Good information about cardiovascular and cognitive interventions and nutrient suggestions.
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